Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Artist -Museum Fairness Act

"Girl's Night Out"© J Licsko 03
9"x12" oil on canvas

Artists are always being asked to donate works for legitimate charities and non-profits.  In return, we get gratitude, a little publicity, the satisfaction of knowing we helped our community is some way. 
All working artists, and especially fundraisers for museums, non-profits, and charitable organizations need to investigate  Bill H.R. 1126.

  In brief, this bill addresses the fact that creators unlike others, cannot deduct anything more than the cost of their materials when they donate works to museums, etc.  This bill if passed, it would allow creators to deduct the full market value of their works.   

Artists - Wouldn't you feel like donating more often? 
Fundraisers - Wouldn't that make it easier to get donations of art? 
Isn't that worth your time to ask your Congress member to support this bill?
Go to The Buck and Mike Blog for an easy to understand explanation of how it affects you, and what to do.  And pass the word to all your artist and fundraising friends.


  1. Excellent painting for girls night out. Hope you didn't wake up with a headache unable to paint.

  2. Thank you! If I did wake up with a headache and couldn't paint, I'd have a cup of tea and read your blog. I'd feel better in no time at all.

  3. Hi Joanne, thanks for the visit. I also have a second blog, Latitudes and Lassitudes. Sagewind Voice is only my poetry. I don't know if you have been there or not. My Mom went home 8 years ago March 31. A commemoration piece is there.
    I've been sick with the flu and pinched a nerve in my back while coughing from that, I'm still sort of out of whack and haven't been doing much blogging or following my favorites lately.
    So much time goes into your art work. Do you also work at a job that takes you away from your passion? Do you sell out of a gallery?
    Thank you for you very kind words about that poem. It was a magical dream, to be sure, and had a powerful effect on me.

  4. Wonderful painting! I love the whole set up and idea as well as the impeccable execution. I am glad to have found your blog.

    Thanks for writing on this important subject. A bill of this kind would be most helpful. In all honesty, I do not like to donate artwork for the very reason that I get so little in return (not terribly gracious of me, I know!); the promise of publicity is often vastly overstated (as in: none), and the gratitude beyond a quick 'thanks' over the shoulder never apparent (a short letter for my files, giving the name of the buyer would be nice minimum).