Friday, April 24, 2009

A Passion for Painting Award

I am very pleased to announce that artist and fellow blogger  Marina Vicari Lerario living in San Paulo, Brazil, has kindly chosen me, along with six other talented artists, for the award "A Passion for Painting".  I am always watching to see what she will paint next (check out her recent water color Vórtice 3).   She is very modest when speaking of her art, but I like her work very much, and admire her very obvious passion.  I believe she is a student of the fantastic floral painter/blogger Fabio Cembranelli.  In the tradition of this award, I am to list seven things I love, and to continue the flow by naming seven artists whose work I admire.  In both cases, I find it difficult to limit the list to only seven, and certainly the order is random.

I love:

1. Family and friends.

2. The Higher Forces.

3. Rural living.

4. The arts, music, particularly the words and melodies of Leonard Cohen and those who sing them.

5. My cat Sophie.

6. My studio, and the time spent there.

7. Anyone who is willing to focus on the bright side. 

Seven artists who now are the deserving recipients of "A Passion for Painting" from me:  

(Please forgive what looks like nepotism, I love the work of the other three artists in my family, unfortunately only two have blogs).

Pierre Raby

Marni Mutrux

Jelaine Faunce

Jeff Hayes

Sally Tharp

Frank Licsko

Adam Licsko


  1. Congrat Joanne for this award!
    Also, many thanks for your kind attention and generosity.
    Have a great weekend!

  2. Things would be brighter if you would post a painting for me to admire.