Sunday, August 7, 2011


"A Moment in Time"
© J. Licsko    60"x60"   oil on linen

I am still amazed that an artist or artisan can take raw materials such as canvas and pigments and then create something wonderful and desirable to others. Taken a step further, as is the case of the annual Central Coast Wine Classicthe benefits of this act ripple out to helping the less fortunate, and/or children deprived of an art education due to cutbacks in our schools. 

The weekend event, deserves it's reputation as the crème de la crème of the California fundraisers. This year's live auction offered lots of wine, travel,fine dining, etc. Also auctioned were  paintings many by well known artists such as Yuroz, Adam Licsko, James Paul Brown. While the big yellow and white tent held the joyful noise of wine makers, collectors, and merry enthusiasts, the finest wines flowed like water. My congratulations to Archie McLaren and the countless others who work so hard to throw the most intimate party for 500, and contribute so much to the well being of the community.

My painting "A Moment in time" was well received. It had gotten off to a rocky start in the studio (reference post below), but I am tempted to say I worked out the bugs. Please forgive the pun, but the bugs were painstakingly removed, and the linen canvas from Signature Canvas turned out to be a glorious surface to play on. 


  1. ahhhhhh..........wonderful! and, the word "glorious" is totally apropos for this painting. That warm yellow makes me wish I could curl up in it. Well done Joanne (as usual)! - Rachel

  2. Another unique piece from you Joanne! crisp, fresh, pristine and not a bug in sight;) and what a wonderful cause... artists do set trends!